Strawberry Jam Set

  • $32.00
Strawberry Jam was carefully mixed for an overall relaxing mood! As the season change, so should our skincare routine. The rich ingredients paired with the Strawberry Fragrance will leave you wanting more and more! All of our butters are long lasting and ULTRA MOISTURIZING! This set contains a Scrub 14 oz and Butter 8 oz. The color variation may vary.

Joboba Oil
Vitamin E
Olive Oil
Strawberry Jam Fragrance
Virgin Coconut Oil
Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter

*Do Not Use If Allergic To Nuts. Shea Butter Products Contains Coconut Oil & Nuts.

How To Use: Take a small or desired amount and apply it to the full body. Shea Butters can be worn daily. Can be applied to wet or clean dry skin. Once a day is usually recommended during the morning or night. How To Use: This Scrub can be used in the shower or while relaxing in the tub! For best results damped the skin prior to use. Take a small or desired amount using a clean spoon and apply it to the body using your hand or body glove. Scrubs can be used daily! Gently rotate the product in a circular motion. Be sure to focus on the roughest areas of the body "elbows, feet, heels, and knees"! Rinse and towel off! External use only!

*DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT HEAT. Our Shea Butter Products WILL MELT OR SOFTEN DUE TO HEAT EXPOSURE. If melting occurs just store in a cool place for about 1 hour to restore its shape! Shelf life is 6 months*. Sugar scrubs should be kept away from water and stored in a dry space.